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For more than 15 years Carson’s Truss Company has built its reputation based on hard work, honesty and integrity, and they work hard every day to live up to and maintain that reputation.
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We offer boom truck services as a convenience for our customers.
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Discover the Advantage of Computer Engineered Components

The cost of quality trusses is about 3% of the entire structure. Many builders realize that even if they pay slightly more for high quality trusses, it makes a difference in the structure's durability. The last thing the buyer needs to purchase is a residential or commercial building that develops sagging rooflines or warped, creaking floors.

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High quality trusses are engineered to place roof loads where they belong to assure the structural integrity and durability of the roof and floor systems. Quality builders are willing to pay a little more for quality trusses; that's why they're quality builders. It's not just what you see in a building that counts. It’s what you don't see.

All our roof and floor systems are designed using state of the art software. Our computer-controlled saw produces tight, accurate joints. We use only premium quality machine stress rated lumber for top and bottom chords. It's this attention to detail that makes Carson’s Truss Company the professional's choice for quality engineered building roof and floor systems.

Professionalism, Technology, Inventory and Quality add up to one thing:
Exceptional Service.

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Carson’s Truss Company selects its lumber from the top mills in the country. Not just any lumber can make it past our inspectors and into your home. Our trusses are manufactured with the finest available lumber and components, making them some of the best trusses manufactured in the industry.

Metal Roofing In 18 Different Colors Up To 50 ft. Long

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